Team Background
The BoringDAO team is a distributed and community-based team with about 10 core team members, mainly based in Taipei, Beijing, Shanghai and Cambridge. We come from BTC miners and DeFi farmers community, and we trust Bitcoin and DeFi can change the world with no doubt.
Core contributors:
Enki Yan
    Finance Ph.D
    Former college associate professor
    Senior token economist
Henry Chen
    Former Nervos Community Director in Asia
    Former Band Protocol PR Lead China
    Founder of SnapFingers
Mike Meng
    Former G Labs Incubation Director
    BTC miner
    DeFi miner & investor
Discord: Boring Mike#3288
Telegram: @Boring_Mike
Leo Gu
    Final year Cambridge Engineer
    Aviation Enthusiasts
Stephen Dang
    Four years blockchain wallet engineer
    ETH community developer
Dewei Liu
    Just a fun guy
Allen Ding
    Cofounder of Nothing Research
    Senior instructor at Huobi University and Huobi Labs.
    Former head of Staking Operations and chief research analyst at Huobi.
Welcom to join us :)
please contact [email protected]
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