How to Farm $CAKE with BORING/BNB

Here is a simple tutorial:

Please make sure you have BORING (BEP-20) and BNB in your BSC wallet.

→You can migrate BORING from Ethereum, or get BORING on Pancake. Check the tutorial for details:

→You can split BOR into BORING. Check the tutorial for details:

Use Pancake: Connect your wallet and enter the quantity of BORING+BNB.

Click “Farms” on the right side, and choose the “BORING-BNB” pool.

Click “Unlock Wallet”, “Approve” and “Stake LP”. Then you can start farming $CAKE!

Useful links:

BORING Contract (BEP-20) 0xffEecbf8D7267757c2dc3d13D730E97E15BfdF7F

Pancake Website

BoringDAO Website