oPortal FAQs (for devs)

1. What cross-chain technology does the oPortal use?

Powered by Nash Equilibrium Lock (NEL), oPortal is secure and fully open-sourced with all code currently being audited. It has been operating without a single accident for over 13 months.

For more details, please visit https://docs.boringdao.com/smart-bridge

2. Can oPortal still support our token if it has already been listed on multiple chains?

Sure. We can create separate pools for your token, but your team would have to provide some liquidity.

3. What if my token hasn’t been listed on multiple chains? Do we still need to provide liquidity?

No, you don’t have to. Your token will obtain unlimited liquidity on all chains that BoringDAO supports.

4. Which chains does the oPortal support now?

Currently there are 12 connected chains, including L1s - Ethereum, BSC, Polygon, Avalanche, Fantom, Harmony, Xdai, HECO, OEC, and L2s - Optimistic, Arbitrum, and Boba.

5. Who will run validator nodes?

It’s totally up to you. You can run by yourself or you can let BoringDAO help you run it if you don’t have enough time.

6. What’s the transaction cost?

Base fee + 0.5%

The base fee depends on the network traffic, usually about 30 to 80 US dollars for ETH, 0.8 to 5 US dollars for other L1s, and 5-10 US dollars for L2s.

7. Can we adjust the fee rate?

Yes. But we suggest to set it at 0.5%, and most of our project partners choose this rate.

8. Who does the cross-chain earnings belong to?

If BoringDAO runs validator nodes for you, 60% of the earnings belong to you and 40% will go to BoringDAO’s treasury (all $BORING holders), after deducting the maintenance cost for each node.

If you run validator nodes yourself, you will cover the maintenance fee. BoringDAO will take out 40% of the earnings and hand it over to the treasury.

9. How often can we receive the dividend distribution?

To save the gas fees, we usually do it quarterly.

10. Who will control the minting process for our token?

If your token is only listed on one chain, you will be responsible for minting tokens on that chain and the oPortal smart contract will cover the remaining chains. Of course, you can also control the minting process for all chains if you want. If your token is listed on multiple chains, then you will control the minting process for your token on all chains.

11. What are the competitive advantages for the BoringDAO oPortal bridge?

Secure. BoringDAO always puts security in the first place.

Flexible. No matter which EVM chains or how many chains your tokens are listed on, we can support your transfers.

Permissionless. We invite you to become the validators, and this is the safest way. There is no other cross-chain bridge service provider that would allow outside developers to share the functional income distribution like this. We seek cooperation to promote the prosperity of the DeFi ecosystem.

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