How to provide liquidity for oPortal´╝č

1. Click "Add liquidity" on oPortal Ôćĺ

Make sure you have connected to the chain that you want to deposit assets from.

2. Select the asset you want to deposit;

3. Enter the amount of liquidity you would like to supply;

4. Click "Approve" Ôćĺ "Confirm";

5. Once you successfully provided the liquidity, you will receive oToken on the Relay Chain (Polygon) and you can choose to "Add", "Remove", or "Farm" on the Dashboard.

Please note that Extra Bonus is available when depositing to chains with less than 500K USD remaining liquidity. For chains with less than 100K USDT in liquidity, we will offer a 0.5% extra bonus; for chains with less than 500K USD in liquidity, we will offer a 0.15% extra bonus.

The ÔÇťAdd LiquidityÔÇŁ page displays a bonus calculator to show you the estimated bonus rewards for every single chain upon current liquidity condition. So after you choose the specific asset you want to add, liquidity and estimated bonus will be shown for each chain individually on the bottom of the page.

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When removing liquidity, a transaction fee will be charged based on the liquidity condition of the destination chain (high liquidity - 0.05%, medium liquidity - 0.3%, low liquidity - 1%).

How does oPortal provide yield farm without Impermanent Loss?

1. How does oPortal generate income for liquidity providers? The bridge charges a certain amount of the cross-chain amount for each transaction, depending on the remaining liquidity on the destination chain. All revenues generated will go directly to the treasury, 50% of which will be used as rewards for the oToken pool, and the rest will be used to burn $BORING.

2. There is no Impermanent loss for liquidity providers as there is no AMM involved. Only one kind of asset will be in the pool, such as $USDT.

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