How to provide liquidity for oPortal´╝č
How to provide liquidity for oPortal
Adding Liquidity
1. Click adds liquidity and enter the amount you wish to deposit and click confirm.
2. After successfully adding the liquidity, you will be able to see your liquidity in the main page of liquidity.
Liquidity Provider dashboard
3. You can choose to add more or remove it on this page.
How does oPortal provide yield farm without Impermanent Loss?
1. How does oPortal generate income for Liquidity providers? The bridge charges 0.5% of the cross-chain amount for each transaction, and 100% of the cross-chain fee goes to liquidity providers.
2. There is no Impermanent loss for liquidity providers as there is no AMM involves, only one asset in the pool, like $USDT. However, when the liquidity providers tend to withdraw their assets, and the liquidity on the destination chain is less the amount users wish to withdraw, they may receive a small part of their asset in other chains, but still without any IL.
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