How to use oPortal to transfer stablecoins to other chains?

Here is an example of the oPortal Two-Way Bridge:

  1. Pick the original (From) and the destination (To) chains;

  2. Select the asset you would like to transfer;

  3. Enter the cross-chain amount;

  4. Click "Approve" → "Confirm";

  5. Then you will receive your assets on the destination chain in 5-10 minutes. You can track the transaction status on the pop-up notice shown to the right top of the page.

Transaction fees and total liquidity for the destination chain will be displayed at the bottom. Please note that the cross-chain transaction fees include:

  1. Network fee: 2.00 USDT

Network fee covers the gas cost for your cross-chain transfer.

  1. Transaction fee rate: 0.05%/0.3%/1%

Transaction fee rate fluctuates with the remaining liquidity on the destination chain, if ≥ 500K USDT, fee rate is 0.05%; ≥ 100K USDT, fee rate is 0.3%;< 100K USDT, fee rate is 1%.

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