How to use oPortal to transfer stablecoins to other chains?
What is oPortal?
oPortal is a DApp powered by BoringDAO technology, designed to help people utilise their assets across blockchains without being restrained by the border between blockchains. There are two bridges within the oPortal programme, ‘Native Bridge’, ‘Two-Way Bridge’.
>Native Bridge was designed to transfer all kinds of governance tokens across different chains.
>Two-Way Bridge was specifically designed for USD/BTC stablecoin cross-chain activity.
How to use oPortal?
As a user, oPortal is surprisingly easy to use. Take an example of Two-Way Bridge.
Two-Way Bridge on Ethereum
After selecting the chain your assets base and the chains you wish to go.
The cross-chain amount section will automatically show the maximum liquidity pool has and the actual amount you would receive after paying the cross-chain fee (only $1 in the first month).
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